Last Licks Homemade Ice Cream opened in East Hanover New Jersey in the summer of 2013, founded by The Saporito family. The Saporitos are huge fans of baseball and softball, so when thinking of a name, Last Licks came to mind. This is a baseball/softball term designating that the home team bats last, so the home team getsLast Licks.

Dan coached both his daughters from grammar through high school, travelling all over the United States supporting them. When Dan decided to go into the ice cream business a baseball/softball theme just made sense.

Dan develops his own recipes for ice cream and is known throughout the area as a connoisseur of frozen treats. During the summers Dan's daughters Danielle and Jenna help develop new products and utilize their artistic abilities to create beautiful custom cakes. After graduating from Ramapo college, Danielle became manager of the store, and now handles all the novelties and decorated cakes. Everyone who comes into the store is greeted with her welcoming smile, and her custom cake masterpieces continuously amaze customers. See some of her work on ourInstagram!

Ice Cream Flavors

Year-round Flavors

Seasonal Flavors

Italian Ice Flavors

No Sugar Quarts


Ice Cream Cakes

We always carry standard ice cream cakes in store. Standard ice cream cakes consist of one layer of vanilla and one layer of chocolate ice cream, separated by a fudge and crunch center.

Any change made to a standard cake is considered a custom cake and requires a minimum of 72 hours advanced ordering.

Standard decorations consist of balloons or flowers. Any custom decoration will be an upcharge.

Please call and ask for pricing

Ice Cream Pies

Ice Cream Pies can be made with ONE ice cream flavor of your choice. The pies are available in either oreo or graham cracker crusts. Serves about 8-10 people.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Our ice cream sandwiches are available in three different types of cookies: chocolate wafer, oreo, and chocolate chip. Sandwiches are sold in sleeves of six or individually.

Any custom sandwich orders need to be placedTHREE days in advance

Chocolate Wafer Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oreo Cookie

Cake Cups

A layer of chocolate ice cream and a layer of vanilla ice cream with fudge and crunch center. Sold in packs of 5.

Mini-Cone Dippers

Our mini-cone dippers are the perfect little treat. Available in soft serve vanilla, chocolate, twist, or half vanilla and half chocolate, they are dipped in a hard shell of cherry (4) and chocolate (4) or peanut butter (8) cone dip. The Mini-Cone Dippers come in eight count containers.

Holy Cannolis

Chocolate covered cannoli shells filled with our homemade "Holy Cannoli" ice cream. Available in packages of ten.

Oreo Kisses

A dollop of soft vanilla ice cream on top of an Oreo cookie then dipped in chocolate cone dip. Available in packages of nine.

Oreo Sliders

Our homemade "Cookie Monster" ice cream sandwiched between a chocolate chip cookie and Oreo cookie. Available in packages of nine.

Monkey Bites

Sliced bananas dipped in chocolate or peanut butter. Available in 14 oz. containers.